Images, videos and audio files can all be converted with this free conversion tool

Images, videos and audio files can all be converted with this free conversion tool

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Format Factory is a file converter that can change the file type of many different files. This can work with images, videos, text files and much more. This program is good if you often find yourself having to change certain files for uploading, running on other operating systems or other purposes.

Video Files

Format Factory has many different file types and extensions for video files. This is one of the most common files converted on this program. You can make old files work on new systems with a simple conversion. For example, FLV and WMV files used to be very popular. Some newer systems barely play them now and other devices can't play them at all. You can get around this by converting them. This can easily convert these and other formats to MP4, AVI and other common file types. If you would prefer a file with higher quality, then you can convert your files to MPG and other heavy file types that look better but require more space.

Audio Files

Format Factory also works on audio files. There is often a debate about whether you should primarily listen to audio files that have better quality or compression. WAV files are heavier files with significantly better quality. MP3 files are smaller files with good quality and you can fit more on your computer or device. You can pick your favorite type and convert all your files into that file type. It can also work with or convert files into AMR and AAC audio types.

You'll also find that this can work with Quicktime audio files as well. Quicktime files were very common before, but now they are less common and only work with certain computers.

Images Files

Format Factory can work with many different image file types. Some of the most common file type are JPG, PNG and BMP. JPG have the lowest quality but also the lowest memory footprint. This makes them common to use on websites and projects where space is at a premium. PNG is larger and has better quality. This makes it good for printing and websites where you want to show off your art. BMP is also large and good for printing and certain projects. Format Factory can easily take any of these files and convert them into another type.

It can do more than that. It can take any image file type and transform it into a TGA animation file for professional animation. It can also turn files into large TIF files or reduce file size and turn TIF files into JPGs. You can turn images into GIFs, take the frames out of GIFs and turn each into an image file and even make ICO files for your website's icon. You can also add watermarks with ease.

Text Files

Sometimes it's necessary to convert a text file to ensure it works with a certain project. For example, PDF files are great because they retain their formatting and are difficult to modify. This is good if you want to print the file and don't want anyone to change the contents of the document, but it becomes a problem if something needs to be changed. Format Factory can take these files and turn them into more easily changed files like TXT or DOCX. It can also extract other files commonly inserted into PDF files like image and video files.

Speaking of TXT and DOCX files, you can also take these file types and convert them into PDF files or many other file types. This makes it easy to change a file if you need a different file type for your project.

Combining Files

Format Factory can combine several types of files into one. This works best if the files are already similar. For example, combining a video file with a text file won't be very good. But you can combine two video files or two audio files into a single longer file. This is good if you have several chapters of the same movie stored as separate files or if you want to combine different songs from the same album. This is done by selecting the AVI-Mux file type.

This is good for making a continuous file and it works well as a backup since it requires less overall storage space. While it's not an essential feature, some people will find this very useful.

Storing on External Media

While Format Factory is set to immediately place the converted file onto your hard drive, you can change the file destination and make it save on an external media of your choosing. For example, you can have the converted file save on a USB stick or even a CD or DVD disc. If using a disc, then it's best to have all the files ready before sending them. Many disc-based storage systems are locked after the first transfer.

Portable Version

You can choose between the full version and portable version of this program. The full version is installed on your hard drive while the portable version doesn't need to be fully installed. The portable version is good on USB sticks if you want to use the program every now and then but don't want to install it.

The major difference between these two is performance. The portable version lags every now and then, but this usually only happens with larger files like videos and songs. It should be fine otherwise.


  • Works with multiple file types
  • Requires little work to convert files, simply choose the file type you want and it does the rest
  • Can save directly to the hard drive or an external media


  • Portable format sometimes lags on larger files

Format Factory is a free file conversion system that works with numerous image, audio, and video file types. This tool contains everything you could want or need from a file conversion app, and it costs nothing to download or use.

There are a number of occasions where converting a file is necessary. You might need to convert file types before transferring them from a computer to a mobile device. The same might be required in order to transfer files to a gaming console. If you're going to burn files onto a disc so you can play them through an audio player or TV, you might have to convert file types. Format Factory can handle all these scenarios and more.

Thanks to the comprehensive nature of Format Factory, you can convert files between almost any format. It doesn't matter if you have multiple files with variable formats, the software will be able to make the conversions you need. Format Factory provides a wide range of output options for image, video, and audio files. The system also includes the ability to alter the quality of the encoding of the final product file into either low, medium, or high versions.

That's not all Format Factory can do. A list of bonus features includes the ability to extract files from a DVD or CD so they can be saved onto your system. You can also use the software to merge audio and video files so they play simultaneously through a single player.

The UI of Format Factory appears a bit dated, but it does the job it's meant to do. On the left side of the app is a column where you can select what sort of output format you need and the codec you want to use for the conversion. It's all fairly straightforward, and if you know what formats you'll need, the software is a breeze to use. If you're performing a video conversion, you should use the 'Mobile Device' feature. This will walk you through the process of selecting a format that will work with your device.

If you have a ton of files you want to convert in a single batch, you can do so. The software isn't exactly packed with advanced features, so you can't adjust much of the process, but that means everything is easier to use and more accessible. There are tutorials built-in so new users will be given thorough explanations of the software and all it can do.

Those who don't like the default skin can choose between four additional skins in the app settings, and you can change the language to any of 62 preloaded options. A mobile version of the app, combined with a USB key, can provide the same functionality as the desktop version. Few other pieces of software in this category can match the functionality of Format Factory.


  • Batch Files
  • Multiple Supported Formats
  • Offers Total Conversions
  • Bonus Functions


  • Old UI